Look Rock South Maps

    SMAS uses a turnout/parking area on the Foothills Parkway near the Flats Road intersection. This turnout is shown in the maps below and is the 2nd overlook southwest of the Look Rock Campground / Flats Rd intersection. The red markers in the MAP 2 image below indicate all the overlooks southwest of the intersection.

Look Rock South Overlook GPS: N 35 37.594', W 83 57.079', Alt. 2406 feet.

Google Street View

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Foothills Parkway offers very dark skies and is only a short drive (~30-45 min.) away from Knoxville. The general public is invited! Proceed to Maryville via any of the major highways (see MAP 1 above) and get on US Hwy 321 northbound. At the far end of the hamlet of Walland (8 miles from Maryville), turn right onto the Foothills Parkway. The turn is well-marked on Hwy 321.

About 10 miles ahead you will encounter a speed zone and the Flats Rd / Look Rock Campground intersection. As shown in the map below, SMAS uses the second overlook southwest of the Flats Road intersection.